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The Murder Mystery Lyrics

The Murder Mystery

Left voice (morrison, tucker)
Right voice (reed, yule)
Candy screen wrappers of silkscreen fantastic, requiring
Memories, both lovely and guiltfree, lurid and lovely with twilight
Of ages, luscious and lovely and filthy with laughter, laconic
Giggles, ennui fort the passions, in order to justify most spurious
Desires, rectify moments, most serious and urgent, to hail upon
The face of most odious time, requiring replies most facile and
Vacuous, with words nearly singed, with the heartbeat of
Passions, spew forth with the grace of a tart going under, subject
Of great concern, noble origin

Denigrate obtuse and active verbs pronouns, skewer the
Sieve of optical sewer, release the handle that holds all the
Gates up, puncture the eyeballls, that seep all the muck up,
Read all the books and he people worth reading and still
See the muck on the sky of the ceiling

Please raise the flag rosy red carpet envy english used here is
Messenger is nervous it's no fun at all out here in the hall

Mister moonlight succulent smooth and gorgeous. isn't it
Nice? we're number one and so forth. isn't it sweet being

For screeching and yelling and various offenses, lower the queen
And bend her over the tub, against the state, the country, the
Committe, hold her head under the water please for an hour, for
Groveling and spewing and various offenses, puncture the bloat
With the wing of a sparrow, the inverse, the obverse, the
Converse,the reverse, the sharpening wing of the edge of a
Sparrow, for suitable reckonings too numerous to mention, as the
Queen is fat she is devoured by rats there is one way to skin a cat
Or poison a rat it is hetero four hear to three forthirightly stated.

Relent and obverse and inverse and perverse and reverse
The inverse of perverse and reverse and reverse an reverse
And reverse and reverse and chop it and pluck it and cut it
And spit it and sew it to joy on the edge of a cyclop and
Spinet it to rage on the edge of a cylindrical minute.

Put down that rag simpering, callow and morose who let you in?
If I knew, then I could get out the murder you see is a mystery to

Dear mister muse fellow of wit and gentry medieval ruse
Filling the shallow and empty, fools that duel duel in pools.

To rembrandt and oswald, to peanuts and ketchup,
Sanctimonious sycophants stir in the bushes, up to the stand with
Your foot on the Bible as king I must order and constantly arouse,
If you swear to catch up and throw up and up up, a king full of
Virgin kiss me and spin it, excuse to willow and wander dark
Wonders divest me of robes-sutures harry and pig meat, the fate
Of a nation, rests hard on your bosoms, the king on his throne,
Puts his hand down his robe, the torture of inverse and silk screen
And harry, and set the tongue squealing the reverse and inverse

Tantalize poets with visions of grandeur, their faces turn blue
With the reek of the compost, as the livig try hard to retain
What the dead lost, with double dead sickness from writing
At what cost and business and business and reverse and
Reverse and set the brain reeling the inverse and perverse

Objections suffice apelike and tactile bassoon oboeing me cordon
The virus' section off to the left is what is not right

English arcane tantamount here to frenzy passing for me
Lascivious elder passion corpulent filth disguised as silk

Contempt, contempt and contempt for the boredom, I shall
Poison the city and sink it with fire, for cordless and harry and
Apepig and scissor, the messenger's wig seems fraught with
Desire, for blueberry picnics and pince-nez and magpies, the
Mseenger's skirt, would you plaese hook it higher, for children
And adults all thos under ninety, how truly disgusting. would you
Please put it down? a stray in this fray is no condom worth
Saving, as king I'm quite just, but it's just quite impossible, a robe
And a robe and a robe and a bat, no double class inverse could
Make lying worth dying

With cheap simian melodies, hillbilly outgush, for illiterate
Ramblings for cheap understanding the simple the inverse,
The compost, the reverse, the obtuse and stupid, and
Business, and business, and cheap, stupid lyrics, and simple
Mass reverse while the real thing is dying

Accept the pig, enter the owl and gorgeous, king on the left, it
On the right and primping adjusting his nose as he reads from his

Folksy knockwurst peel back the skin of french and what
Do you find? follicles intertwinning, succulent prose
Wrapped up in robes

Off with his head, take his head from his neck off, requiring
Memories both lovely and guiltfree, put out his eyes, then cut his
Nose off, sanctimonious sycophants stir in the bushes, scoop out
His brain, put a string where his ears were, all the king's horses
And all the king's men, swing the whole mess at the end of the
Wire, scratch out his eyes with the tip of a razor, let the wire
Extend from the tip of a rose, caroline, caroline, caroline, oh!
But retains the remnants of what once was a nose, pass me my
Robe, fill my bath up with water

Jumpsuit and pig meat and making his fortune, while making
Them happy with the inverse and obverse and making them
Happy and making them happy with the coy and the stupid,
Just another dumb lackey, who puts out one thing, while
Singing the other, but the real thing's alone and it is no man's

No one knows no nose is good news and senseless extend the
Wine drink here toast to selfless ten year old port is perfect in

Safety is nice not an unwise word spoken scary, bad
Dreams made safe in lovely songs no doom or gloom
Allowed in this room

Casbah and cascade and rosehip and feeling, cascade and
Cyanide, rachaminoff, beethoven skull silly wagon and justice
And perverse and reverse the inverse and inverse and inverse,
Blueberry catalog, questionable earnings, hustler's lament and the
Rest will in due cry, to battle and scramble and browbeat and hurt
While chewing on minstrels and choking on dirt, disease please
Seems the order of the day, please the king, please the king,
Please the king day, casbah and cascade and rosehip and
Feeling, point of order return the king here to the ceiling

Oh, not to be whistled or studied or hummed or
Remembered at nights, when the I is alone, but to skewer
And ravage and savage and split with the grace of a
Diamond, bellicose wit, to stun and to stagger with words
As such stone, that those who do hear cannot again return

Razzamatazz, there's nothing on my shoulder, lust is a must,
Shaving my head's made me bolder, will you kindly read what it
Was I brought thee

Hello to ray, hello to godiva and angel, who let you in?
Isn't it nice the party? aren't the lights pretty at night?

Sick leaf and sorrow and pincers net-scissors, regard and refrain
From the daughters of marriage, regards for the elders and
Youngest in carriage, regard and regard for the inverse and
Perverse and obverse, and diverse, of reverse and reverse,
Regard from the sick, the dumb, and the camel from pump's
Storing water, like brain is too marrow to x-ray and filthy and
Cutting and peeling to skin and to skin and to bone and to
Structure to livid and pallid and turgid and structured and
Structured and structured and structured and structured and
Regard and refrain, the sick and the dumb, inverse, reverse and

Contempt, contempt, and contempt for the seething for
Writhing and reeling and two-bit reportage, for sick with the
Body and sinister holy, the drown burst blue babies now
Dead on the seashore, the valorous horseman, who hang
From the ceiling, the pig on the carpet, the dusty pale
Jissom, that has no effect for the sick with the see-saw, the
Inverse, obverse converse, reverse of reverse the diverse
And converse of reverse and perverse and sweet
Pyrotechnics, and let's have another of inverse, converse,
Diverse, perverse and reverse, hell's graveyard is damned
As they chew on their brains, the slick and the scum,
Reverse, inverse and perverse

Plowing while it's done away dumb and ready pig meat sick upon
The carpet climb into the casket safe within the parapet sack is in
The parapet pigs are out and growling slaughter by the seashore
See the lifeguard drowning sea is full of fishes fish's full of china
China plates are falling all fall down sick and shiny carpet lie
Before my eyes eyes lead me to the ceiling walk upon the wall
Wall tender as the green grass drink the whisky horror see the
Young girls dancing flies upon the beaches beaches are for sailors
Nuns across the sea-wall black hood horseman raging swordsman
Eating fire

Sick upon the staircase sick upon the staircase blood upon
The pillow climb into the parapet see the church bells
Gleaming knife that scrapes a sick plates of dentures full of
Air holes the tailor couldn't mend straight shoot her full of
Air holes climbing up the casket take me to the casket teeth
Upon her red throat screw me in the daisies rip apart her
Holler snip the seas fantastic treat her like a sailor full and
Free and nervous out to make his fortune either this or that
Way sickly or in good health piss upon a building like a dog
In training teach to heel or holler yodel on a sing song down
Upon the carpet

Fire on the carpet set the house ablazing seize and bring it flaming
Gently to the ground ground dizzy bell miss fortune fat and full
Of love-juice drip it on the carpet down below the fire hose weep
And whisky fortune sail me to the moon, dear drunken dungeon
Sailors headless roman horsemen the king and queen are empty
Their heads are in the outhouse fish upon the water bowl upon the
Saviour tooothless wigged laureate plain and full of fancy name
Upon a letterhead impressing all wheatgerm love you for a nickel
Ball you for a quarter set the casket flaming do not go gentle

Tickle polyester sick within the parapet screwing for a
Dollar sucking on a fire-hose chewing on a rubber line tied
To chairs and rare bits pay another player oh you're such a
Good lad here's another dollar tie him to the bedpost sick
With witches' covens craving for a raw meat bones upon
The metal sick upon the circle down upon the carpet down
Upon the carpet down below the parapet waiting for your
Bidding pig upon the carpet tumescent railroad
Neuro-anaesthesia analog ready for a good look drooling at
The birches swinging from the birches succulent nebraska

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