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T : TRU : True

Fuck Them Hoes Lyrics

Fuck Them Hoes

[master p]
Yeah heh heh
Y'all ain't think I was gonna make somethin' for y'all
Funky hoes this year, this is for y'all pussy poppin', shake that ass
Goin' to the club, borrowin' skirt, goose neck
Once a month draws changin', funky ass hoes
Yeah y'all funky bitches heh
All y'all bitches tryin' get me for my money
Y'all gonna end up with nothin' but dick and pounds of milk bitch
Ha ha yeah, I done hooked back up with my little cousin mo b dick
Y'all might know him as pullin' rank
But we 'bout to do this shit
We layin' the beats down real thick
And I'm about to get nasty stupid with you funky hoes

[master p]
I'm jumpin' on you bitches cause you hoes got me mad
And all you money hungry hoes y'all can kiss my ass
Tryin' play a playa for his wallet like a bitch
I told you all you mother fuckin' bitches suck dick
Cause all hoes suck dick

[mia x]
You ain't talkin to me

[master p]
Yeah I'm talkin to you bitch
But your pussy fuckin' stank
And stop washin' your draws in the motherfuckin fish tank
You need to get a life, go find a job bitch
Stop suckin' the nigga dick just to get your nails fixed
How many licks in a mother fuckin' lollypop
She'll call you maxwell
Bitch will suck me till the last drop
Don't blame it on the drank and the weed bitch
You and harry are gettin' on your fuckin' knees trick
From your sister momma auntie daughter g
I know your ass back in the mail for me
Now your hustlin' bustin' your ass for shit
Cause ain't no nigga in the hood gettin' your hair fixed
You're just an old perpetratin' dick suckin' bitch
And I'm a let you hoes know who you fuckin' with
That m-a-s-t-e-r to the p bitch
Fuckin' with us killas
I'm a drop you to your knees trick
Think your ass played me like a mother fuckin' dog hoe
I'm a leave your ass dropped dead on the floor ha ha


Fuck them hoes
Fuck you funky hoes
Fuck them hoes
Fuck you funky hoes
Fuck them hoes
Fuck you funky hoes
Fuck them hoes
Fuck you funky hoes
Cause a bitch will tell you anything to kick it black

[silkk the shocker]
Once a hoe, always a hoe
How you gonna tell a nigga you don't suck dick no more
Shit, you bitches know y'all hoes can serve that
Talkin' bout I don't do that type of shit
How many times a nigga heard that
Yeah I'm a pay you some money but ya gotta wait until the mornin hoe
But I'll be like sideways before you start yawnin' though
I don't love these bitches, I never did, never will though
We gonna put it down me and p on you clown hoes
Doggin' bitches from the south to the west coast
Havin' hoes stuck like some dope-fiend without a dope
Don't ask silkk for shit
Cause I ain't got nuttin' but dick and some bubblegum
Fresh out of gum she gonna want some dick
Come over here and get you some


Fuck them hoes
Fuck you funky hoes
Fuck them hoes
Fuck you funky hoes
Fuck them hoes
Fuck you funky hoes
Cause a bitch will tell you anything to kick it black

[mia x]
I've had just about enough from you immature shit talkers
Claim you pimpin' hoes and reppin' on your dicks
But really bustin' nuts like water, balloons in your hands
I gives a damn about you cum catchers
And I betcha thought that it was just another dog a bitch rhyme
But mia keeps it on her mind and I don't mind tryin'
A whole heap of niggas runnin' off at the pussy eaters
Sisters don't give a fuck about you and we damn sure don't need ya
Frontin' ass always tryin' clown
But be the main mother fucker havin' dinner downtown
Mounds of niggas talkin' 'bout who got a funky cat
But that's because the fact is that their nose be in the crack
Yeah reppin' on your dick bitch you needs to be smacked
Cause doin' that ride is like sittin' on a tic tac
Black mother fuckers always quick to trip
But know they came up on welfare and shit
Food stamps, medicade and commodities
Section 8 in projects so how you knockin' me
And claimin' you don't trip bitch you know you breaks me off
Before you give your boys or your messy ass moan
At salon shoppin' mall and nail shop here I go
Once my pussy hairs leave your teeth lookin' like a piano
So, I don't give a fuck about them niggas
Talkin' that shit cause you know you gonna pay a bitch
So playa you can talk what you want to yo niggas
But when it all boils down you know your
Bitch ass gonna pay a bitch
I said I don't give a fuck about you niggas
Talkin' that shit cause you know you gonna pay a bitch

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