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R : RUFF RYDERS : Unsorted

I'm a Hoe Lyrics

I'm a Hoe

[daddy] you, over there....with those blue eyes and that blonde hair. come here, ma!
[girl] yes?
[daddy] I wanna ask you one muthafuckin' question.
[girl] yes, daddy?
[daddy] what are you bitch?
[girl] I'm a h-o-e...
[daddy] are you really? are you really a h-o-e?
[girl] I fucked the whole family...
[daddy] damn, my niggaz ain't gonna believe this shit.
[girl] then gang-bang me...
[daddy] oh, I'm gonna rough ride this pussy. i'ma rough ride this pussy.
[girl] then beat me....
[daddy] oh, I'd like to explore all three holes baby...
[girl] put it in my b-u-t-t-t
[daddy] doin it like that? oh you a gangsta, huh?
[girl] then pee on me...
[daddy] oh you a nasty little bitch. you nasty....
[girl] then shit on me...
[daddy] damn, my niggaz ain't gonna believe this shit. it's over...
[girl] then take me...
[daddy] oh, do you perform like a muthafuckin professional on camera?
[girl] like janet jack-me...
[daddy] so how wide is the pussy? tell me. how wide is the pussy?
[girl] like vanessa del ri(o)....
[daddy] whooooo! all this freaky shit and you don't want no cake, no joe, no nothin'?
[girl] I fuck for free...
[daddy] there's gotta be a catch to this shit. something is a catch 22. I don't feel it.
[girl] I've got h-i-v...
[daddy] dirty muthafucka...whoa

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