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P : PRINCE : The Gold Experience

The Gold Experience
Endorphinmachine Lyrics


Come on!
C-c-c-c-c-come on!
Would u please look at this mother next 2 me
Frontin' more booty than peru got keys
Damn, if I don't get that
Wait right there and I'll be right back
Got a new trick in the back of my car
It's kinda like a movie but u're the star
Lights, camera, make a scene
The endorphinmachine

Go baby
The endorphinmachine
Yeah, go baby (go baby)

Tippy, tippy, tin my friend or shall we begin?
Step right up and I'll strap u in
Don't be shy, this won't hurt a bit
Unless of course u don't believe in it
As sure as the dippy dippy wave of my 'do
U'll believe in somethin' before this night is through
Press one 4 the money, press 2 4 the dream
And get ready 4 somethin' that u've never seen
The endorphinmachine

Go baby
The endorphinmachine
Go baby (go baby)

Tommy barbarella, turn it on

Uh huh, uh huh
Hold up, wait a minute
Ain't no good unless somebody else is in it
U there with the cynical disposition
Perhaps u'd like 2 join us in a mission
Of fishin' 4 logic in a think tank
Unless, of course, u're feelin' like a punk and take the bank
But every now and then there comes a time u must defend
Your right 2 die and live again, live again, live again
Get up, get up, get in
The endorphinmachine

It's alright, baby (go baby)
Don't be shy (the endorphinmachine)
Yeah, I ain't gonna hurt u
Go baby

Come on, come on (endorphinmachine)
Well, I told ya (go baby)
The endorphinmachine
Go baby, go baby, go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Don't make me!

Prince esta muerto {prince is dead}
Prince esta muerto {prince is dead}
Que viva para siempre el poder de la nueva generacion
{long live the new power generation}

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