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P : PRINCE : Parade

New Position Lyrics

New Position

Honey, we've been together,
Honey, 4 2 long
Honey, we've got 2 make it better,
Honey, before we go wrong
Got 2 try a new position, yeah!
Something that'll make it all right
New position, yeah, let's go fishing in the river, the river of life

Honey, we can't last (we can't last)
Without a shot of new spunk (ha)
Honey, forget your past (forget your past)
U've got 2 try my new funk
U've got 2 try a new position, yeah, something that'll make it all right
Oh, a new position, yeah, yeah, let's go fishing in the river, the river
Of life

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Oh, let me do ya, come on let me do ya, do ya,
Come one let me do ya,
I want, I want 2 do ya, do ya,
I can make u happy (I can make u h.a.p.p.y)
I can make it real good (so good)
Honey, I won't be your pappy, (p.u.s.s.y.)
But I'll do ya, I'll do ya, do ya, do ya, like a,
Do ya do ya like a good man should
I'll do ya do ya like a good man should
Honey, let's try a new position

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