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P : PRINCE : Hits-the B-sides

Hits-the B-sides
Nothing Compares 2 U Lyrics

Nothing Compares 2 U

Lead voice by prince & rosie gaines
Prince: it's been 7 hours and 13 days
Since u took your love away
I go out every night and sleep all day
Since u took your love away

Rosie: since you've been gone I can do whatever I want
I can see who ever I choose
Eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant, oh yeah
But nothing, nothing can take away these blues

P & r: nothing compares, nothing compares 2 u

Rosie: oh baby

Prince: it's been so lonely without u here
I'm like a bird without a song
Nothing can stop this lonely rain from falling
Tell me baby, where did I go wrong?

Rosie: oh baby
I can put my arms around every boy I see, oh yeah
But they only remind me of u

Prince: all my dames remind me of u too girl, oh yeah

Rosie: I went 2 the doctor, guess what he told me
Prince: what'd he tell u?

Rosie: guess what he told me
Prince: I'm listening

Rosie: he said, rosie,
Prince: what?

Rosie: try to have fun no matter what u do
Prince: u wanna tell me why?

Rosie: he's a fool

P & r: nothing compares (no), nothing compares 2 u

Rosie: ooh, baby
Prince: tenor man, play it for me

Prince: all the flowers that u planted, sugar
In the backyard all died when u went away

Rosie: ooh baby, I know that living with me baby
Is sometimes hard, sometimes hard
But I'm willing, I'm willing 2 give it one more try

Prince: one more try
Rosie: please do you know why, do you know why

P & r: nothing compares (no), nothing compares 2 u

Rosie: oh, baby
Prince: everytime I say...

P & r: nothing compares (no), nothing compares 2 u

Prince: rosie gaines

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