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P : PRINCE : Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge
Shake! Lyrics


Performed by the time

Hey, hey people what u come here 4?
Come on everybody, let's get out on the floor.
All the pretty girls shaking what they got
The boys swear to God that they're all 2 hot

Everybody shake.
U got to shake something. my lord.
Shake! u got 2 shake something.

Come on pretty baby now don't be shy.
New liberated girl, ask a guy
We can go dancing baby every night
Shake! shake, shake shake! shake!
But u got 2 shake your body 'til the early, early light.

Everybody shake. (shake, shake, shake)
U got 2 shake something. my lord.
Shake! (shake,shake,shake)
U got 2 shake something
Sing with me now...

Lucy's standing there with the false hair on
Don't shake it 2 hard or that hair will be gone (oops)
Marilyn's so worried about her 2 left feet
Pretty thing keeps worrying about keeping on her feet

That don't matter y'all, come on
Shake! oh lord. u got 2 shake something.
Everybody shake. (shake, shake, shake)
U got 2 shake something. (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Shake! come on y'all. u got 2 shake something.
Shake! (shake, shake, shake)

Hey, hey, people what u come here 4? we want to shake something.
Come on everybody let's get out on the floor. gotta shake something.
U shake it 2 the north, u can shake it 2 the south. gotta shake something.
(somebody help me with this)
Shake! if u come 2 party now open up your mouth. gotta shake something.
Come on, oh yeah. yeah.
Shake! shake. u gotta shake something.
Oh don't stop. oh. shake! (shake, shake, shake)
Shake! (shake on it... for me)
U're hired. let's go. shake! shake!
Got to shake something

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