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P : PRINCE : Come

Dark Lyrics


I wanna top the rose petals that whisper sweet
Come on
So dark, dark, so dark
So dark, dark, so dark

Inside lookin' out my window
I don't see nothin' but rain
Sun up in the sky just a shinin' (just a shinin')
Still I'm lost in my shadow of pain

Like an innocent man that's on death row
I don't understand what made u go
And wanna leave me baby
Leave me in the dark

Can u tell me, tell me?

U took my sex and my money (money)
Took all my self esteem, yes u did
U had the nerve 2 think it was funny (funny)
I never knew a bitch so mean, yes sir

U absolutely drove a man 2 tears
All I really know is that u sincerely
U wanna hurt me baby, oh yes u do
U wanna hurt me in the dark

(sunshine) somebody make the sun shine
(dark cloud) somebody take this dark cloud away

Just as sure as noah built the ark
That's how sure
That's how sure I am u broke my heart

How could u baby, leave me in the dark?
Baby, so dark
So dark, dark, so dark
Feel like the sun ain't never gonna shine
U left me in the dark
So dark, dark, so dark
I don't know, I don't know why we ever had 2 part
Baby, can't see a damn thing out my window it's so dark (so dark)
(so dark, dark, so dark)

Sometimes I want 2 curse the ground u walk on
Even when I know that everything u feel I feel it 2
I wanna curse u baby
U left me in the dark
And now I want 2, I wanna curse u baby
4 leavin' me alone, alone, alone
U left me in the dark, yes u did

And now all I wanna say is
In the dark
Ow, u left me
Ow, u left me
It's like being on death row (in the dark)
I don't understand why u had 2 go
I don't understand why u (hurt me in the dark)
Don't understand why u (hurt me in the dark)
Don't understand why u hurt me (hurt me, hurt me)
Hurt me (hurt me in, hurt me in)
Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me (hurt me in the dark)
Just leave me
In the dark

In the dark
So dark, dark, so dark (in the dark)
So dark, dark, so dark
In the dark

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