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P : PINK FLOYD : A Collection of Great Dance Songs

A Collection of Great Dance Songs
Wish You Were Here Lyrics

Wish You Were Here

[01:35]so, so you think you can tell
[01:41]heaven from hell,
[01:45]blue skys from pain.
[01:49]can you tell a green field
[01:53]from a cold steel rail?
[01:58]a smile from a veil?
[02:02]do you think you can tell?

[02:07]and did they get you to trade
[02:11]your heros for ghosts?
[02:15]hot ashes for trees?
[02:19]hot air for a cool breeze?
[02:23]cold comfort for change?
[02:26]and did you exchange
[02:30]a walk on part in the war
[02:33]for a lead role in a cage?

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