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J : JIMMY BUFFETT : Riddles in The Sand

Riddles in The Sand
Ragtop Day Lyrics

Ragtop Day

Ragtop day
By: jimmy buffett, michael utley, will jennings
The five o'clock friday blows
I got to let it go
Put on my weekend clothes
Turn on the rock 'n' roll

Throw all our cares away
It's a ragtop day
It's a ragtop day

Classy little white and red
Turns everybody's head
My baby meets me at the five and dime
She's always right on time

We roll all our cares away
It's a ragtop day
It's a ragtop day

We'll cruise across the county line
A little dance and dine
A drive in picture show
When the midnight's comin' down we're headin' back to town
She lets her lovin' show
Whoa oh oh oh whoa

Feels like we're the only ones to see the mornin' sun
Sleepin' through the afternoon and risin' with the moon
Oh don't the stars look bright
It's a ragtop night
It's a ragtop night
We'll throw all our cares away
I live for that ragtop day

It's a ragtop day
It's a ragtop day
It's a ragtop day

-- spoken:
Ooh, come on over here baby get in this car
We gonna cruise on down to the gulf
And listen to some western music
Get ourselves a cool one at the florabama, ya
All right come on in here, yeah!
You can move over little closer
Ooh, be careful of that stick shift!
Ya, let's rockit ragtime
Was that your husband that just passed us in that station wagon fulla kids?
Let's get outta here, ow!

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