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I : IAN HUNTER : Short Back & Sides

Short Back & Sides
Rain Lyrics


(ian hunter)

Billy said this town is dying,
It's dying just to be like me.
He was fighting everything in sight,
Died when he was 23.
I used to meet him down at his cafe,
He had one eye on the door
And the other on the writing on the wall.
He'd get restless and angry and we'd all laugh
'cause we weren't really scared,
We was his friends, he wouldn't hurt us at all
And all he'd say was rain, rain, rain
Rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain.
We gotta leave this town.

And glover was a dancer,
Imitating eddie cochran by the jukebox.
In the corner of the room
'till he was lost.
Barry 'n me, we used to escape, playing I go ape
Wearing italian clothes drinking cider talking in the rain
Hey babe, come over here, let me buy you a beer, what's your name,
She said boy, it doesn't really matter, don't you see?
You ain't what I want, you ain't what I need,
You ain't what I fancy, you ain't what I dream of 'n I'd silently leave
? ? you're ugly.
Rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain.
I gotta leave this place.

My history is a cop-out
Somewhere in the dark I got scared 'cause I knew I was gonna loose.
You know that feeling you get in your guts, all that frustration when you know
You're going nuts.
You gotta make a move.
There was billy and glover and pacer and taylor and valerie and barry
I remember what he said about that town.
He said I went to london once, came back,
Wiped the tears from my eyes, looked out the window,
And it was still pouring down,
More of that rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain,
Rain, rain, rain.
I'm gonna get a train,
Never coming back again.
'cause if I did it would be the same.
Boy, you really messed up my brain.

All of that rain rain rain,
Rain rain rain
Rain rain rain
Rain rain rain

Take your washing off the line.
Take your washing off the line.
Take your washing off the line.
Take the washing off the line.

It's gonna rain.
It's gonna rain.

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