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D : DMX : Unsorted

Trippin Remix Lyrics

Trippin Remix

Huh, you know what time it is
This is the remix (this is the remix)
'99 to infinite
Bad girls
Kima, kiesha, pam
Talk to me

Baby, yeah (I like this right here)
Your show is bumpin' (c'mon)
You show me somethin' (heh heh, something, baby)
See, I won't (c'mon), trade you
In for nothin' mmmm (I like the way it's goin' down)
See erything, you do to me
You got me trippin' (you got me trippin' baby, but I like it)
And I'm satisfied (c'mon)
And I'm guaranteed (let's go)

I hope you (yeah)
That you've been checkin' me (it's the remix)
I know what you're talkin' bout
You got me trippin' on my own feet, yeah, yeah
You got me buggin' boy (c'mon) ohhh
You bring me so much joy, (yeah)
You got me open, boy
And i'ma save my - self for you, baby (that's right)

Keisha talk to me

Baby, yeah (huh)
There's something (there's somethin'), I'll mention (c'mon)
Me and her (I like the way that sound) la la la la la la la (c'mon)
See, she's no (she's no), competition (heh, heh)
So tell her, yeah (tell her now) (you look good, can I taste you? )
That you're through with her (yeah)
And you're lovin' me (that's right)
And that's to-totally (that's totally, kima, kiesha, and pam) totally
And you're dedicated (you're dedicated), to me

Uh, huh, ah
Like to sprout when the lights is out (dmx)
Keeping niggas on point, that's what life's about (that's right)
You like to shout? i'ma put that shit to a-cease (huh huh) (yeah)
From here to the paper, from the bed to the grease (a'ight)
Like police, I get away with mad credit shit
Only the niggas that don't catch it, doin' some mad hungry shit (huh) (uh huh)
All that buddy shit was left alone, back in school (ugh) (c'mon)
Even then, the nigga was cuttin' up (yeah), actin' fools (what!)
Broke a lot of rules (why? ) just because I could (uh, huh) (that's right)
Got away with most of it, just because I'm good (uh huh)
Stabbin' niggas with wood, I was one of the first
Doin' dirt, but I'm still outrunnin' the hertz
And it's always worst than it looks (uh, huh) (c'mon)
But then you never understandin' the thirst of a crook (you arrested)
First comes the hook, the assault, then come the robbery (damn)
My world is always (ugh!) dark and ain't no stoppin' me
Come on!

(c'mon, sing to me keisha) (mmmmmmmmmm) baby
(take me to the bridge) (mmm-mmmmmm) there's one thing
(can you feel it? ) (mmmmm-mmm) I'll mention
(I like the way it feels) (mmmmmm-mmm) nah, nah, nah
(this one's for me) (mmmmmm-mmm) see she's no
(mmmm-mmmm) competition (c'mon, let's go)
(bad boy) (mmmmmmmmmm) baby
(ruff ryder) (mmm-mmmmmm) there's one thing
(def jam) (mmmmm-mmm) I'll mention
(dmx and we won't stop) (mmmmmm-mmm) nah, nah, nah
(cuz she won't stop) (mmmmmm-mmm) see she's no
(back it up, back it up) (mmmm-mmmm) competition
I hope you that you've been checkin' me (just dance for me)
I know what you're talkin' bout (just dance for me)
You got me trippin' on my own feet (just dance for me)
You got me buggin' boy (this is the remix)
You bring me so much joy (this is the remix)
And i'ma save myself for you (yo hooker, yellow man, pd)
I hope you
That you've been checkin' me (hit me baby, ha!)
I know what you're talkin' bout
You got me trippin' on my own feet
You got me buggin' boy
You bring me so much joy
And i'ma save my - self for you

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