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B : BIZZY BONE : Heaven'z Movie

Heaven'z Movie
On The Freeway Lyrics

On The Freeway

Bizzy bone featuring cat cody:heaven'z movie

She's ridin' on the highway, highway, highway.

Cat cody:
She's ridin' on the highway.

Tellin' me to be careful.

Cat cody:
Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom.

Tellin' me to be carful though so dangerous. I say let's change it. put on your coat and call up the chauffer. oh, gotta leave the babies. face-to-face it's goin' down, baby lace it with some ba
As [just a little] just a little temptation, and bury it underground. and make ya nigga feel famous and say hey, fuck the pages. off to the freeway--anxious to play. [damn] baby pro
My health and yourself and everyone else. and lady respect my patience from temtpations. let off all that frustration, all is well, hell, what are you waitng for? basic relations waitin', wakin'
N the storm.

Roll with me. roll, can't you come over?

Cat cody:
Have you ever made love, on the freeway, the freeway? have you ever met your lover out on the highway? ah, ah, ah, ah.

Bizzy: when I put you in my car...

Cat cody:
Zoom, zoom.

...move far. we chose to lose time and, my, why there you are. when I saw that night, I had to call. it's gotta be right, it couldn't be wrong. lookin' in far fallen and gone, lookin' at the sta
Ll of them, long. and on the freeway, baby believe me, gotta take it easy. yet appeasin' to please 'em. oh, jesus, she's breathin' on me! but I ain't that weak to put her to sleep, so respectful
Pect your temple, subliminal. probably pause in the distance, reminisce visual, member my car.

Roll with me.
Roll, can't you come over?

Cat cody: have you ever made love, on the freeway, the freeway? have you ever
Met your lover out on the highway? ah, ah, ah, ah.

We're peekin' each other's secrets. [shhh.] no speakin', just heavy breathin'.
[why don't you take a ride with me? c'mon.]

Cat cody:

Friday evenin' clear through the weekend we're peakin' each others secrets. no speakin', just heavy breathin'. a quarter inch from your cleavage. the reason you got me. teasin--be gentle. intere
Sexual in a room to touch you eventual, too much potential. lookin' at you sensual. let you go, roll, have your space, and I'll be paper chasin' up and down, straight ghetto face. and have you e
Ell in love just as much that you forgot about everyone just for their touch?

Roll with me.
Roll, can't you come over?

Cat cody:
Just for that touch.

Roll. come on and roll with me. stroll. come on and stroll with me.

Girl, can't you come over? stroll with me?

Yea, you can. yea, you can go with me.
Yea, I know you can.

C'mon, yea you can.
I know you can. just ride with me.

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