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B : BG KNOCC OUT & DRESTA : Unsorted

Everyday Allday Lyrics

Everyday Allday

This how it's goin down
Yeeeea, hehehe
This is my motherfuckin dedication
From the gangsta
So all you bustas betta take cover
Cause i'ma drop some shit on this one

Another day another dollar
So holler if you hear a motherfucker
D-r to the e I'm on a mission wit my brotha
Down for whatever so don't ever play me close
Ain't no other motherfucker on the east or the west coast
Ever so clear making noise
My diary's sincere, and I'm down with the geto boys
So, so a nigga betta check me
And reevaluate yo step before yo neck hit the deck
I check, I bust every day that I'm alive
I'll keep checkin marks till the day that I die
So why, should another brother try to confess?
When a nigga from the west, fresh outta yts
Ah yes, you just didn't know what was crackin
Thought I wasn't strappin, cause you heard me rappin
But trick, I only do this shit for you suckas
Got me clockin clustas talkin bout you bustas

[b.g. knocc out] nigga it's compton everyday allday
[dresta] you marks can't fuck with the nigga named dre
[b.g. knocc out] nigga it's compton everyday allday
[dresta] you bustas can't fuck with the nigga named dre
[b.g. knocc out] nigga it's compton everyday allday
[dresta] the crowd can't fuck with the nigga named dre
[b.g. knocc out] nigga it's compton everyday allday
[dresta] you suckas can't fuck with the nigga named dre

Now busta, it's d-r-e keep it comin on
Love it when I shove it ruggish the thugish bone
I only represent the real
And even though I got a record deal
I'm a real nigga still
My homies love that and would
Know I'm a real nigga from the streets
Weren't no studios in the hood
Cause, what the fuck you tellin (you're guilty)
Well put me back in so I can chill with jayo felony
Give me a cell with snoop doggy dogg
So I can rub my dick between that bitch sugar walls
Niggas must think I'm strugglin
But fool I got 10 points and own my damn publishing
So who the fuck should I fear?
I've been out for 2 years, got blasted but I'm still here
And now yo people stand in tears
Because they heard about compton givin head to my peers


So now, as we approach up the ass end
Nigga give yo setup and keep yo shit blastin
Till it's fuckin wit yo eardrum
I never worry bout the next man cause nutty never feared nothin
So now it's simple and it's plain
And I wanna dedicate this to my nigga dj train
I feel yo presence in this room
And if ya see my cousin gugulo tell my niggas that I'll see him soon
A nigga then blew out like a rock house
'95 now it's all about me and the knocc out
So watch out cause we dropping shit like a stork
Keep shit poppin from compton to new york nigga


[b.g. knocc out] nigga it's compton everyday allday
[dresta] when I roll through your town it's the nigga named dre
[b.g. knocc out] nigga it's compton everyday allday
[dresta] and niggas can't fade b.g. knocc out and dre

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